Door Entry

Our door entry systems range start with simple modular designs that can be configured to suit most requirements from a simple one way system through to a complex multi entrance digital system with a range of accessories such as video, access control and disability friendly features(DDA).

Specialized systems have many advanced features including full privacy of speech, timed call, timed door release and timed conversation. Systems are available from as small as a one way up to 1000 apartments and 99 entrance doors.

Other door entry systems include PABX, and GSM units ideally suited to large private homes and small offices. They offer all the facilities normally associated with PABX units such as speed dial, intercom between phones, external telephone line, and mobile phones.You can allow access to your property remotely by answering a call on your mobile, after identifying the caller pressing the # key to release the door or gate.

More recently systems can be added to your network allowing all the features of the digital systems with added benefits of being able to record conversations, control multiple sites from one or more remote locations.


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