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Aspirating Smoke Detection

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The ability to detect a fire early is critical.

The advances in smoke detection technology have managed to save lives, and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) is a means of detection that can buy precious seconds.

They work differently from standard smoke detection and could well be the perfect solution for your building.

ASD systems are highly advanced fire detection systems that provide unrivalled safety to businesses and organisations of all sizes. They can detect smoke before it becomes visible to the naked eye, often even faster than point or beam detectors.

They do this by drawing air into their system through a network of pipes that constantly filter it. In doing so, they can detect smoke and other by-products of combustion.

Many ASD systems have multiple levels of detection which can be adjusted. Early warning thresholds can be set, which, when triggered, can set off alarms, notify the fire department and activate sprinkler valves or gaseous fire suppression systems as required.

Aspirating smoke detection is a form of “active” detection, whereas traditional smoke detectors use “passive” detection technology.

With passive smoke detection, smoke must physically reach a detector before the fire alarm is triggered.

“Active” detection, however, involves air samples being continually pulled from a room and analysed. ASD systems are therefore incredibly sensitive and able to detect smoke much earlier than passive smoke detectors.

Aspirating Smoke Detection systems are suitable for most industries. They’re particularly useful for environments where highly sensitive rapid smoke detection is required. For example, buildings with critical data or very high ceilings are ideal candidates.

One of the other advantages of ASD systems is that their sampling points are often very discrete, and the necessary pipe networks can be easily hidden. So, this is useful if the aesthetics of a property need to be maintained.

Aspirating smoke detection can also be used in dusty or dirty environments. You just need to ensure the correct design, installation and maintenance processes are followed.

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