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CLSS – Connected Life Safety Services

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & London

When you invest in fire safety systems for your business, you want to ensure they’re being expertly monitored and performing at the best of their ability.

Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) can ensure that they are.

Find out how the first end-to-end system solution can help offer peace of mind, streamlining the way your fire safety facility is installed, tested and serviced.

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services is a platform of connected services designed to deliver efficiencies at every stage in a fire system’s life cycle.

CLSS provides real-time visibility for timely, accurate decisions by placing connectivity at the heart of fire safety.

This enhanced visibility helps provide valuable data that can make your fire safety management safer, compliant and more efficient.

CLSS connects and identifies every panel and device on-site, adding new functionality to increase user confidence. The system can automatically recognise maintenance and upgrade needs before there’s an issue.

The CLSS also has mobile and desktop apps, allowing a range of actions to be performed without having to return to the main panel.

Generating a real-time holistic view, CLSS provides indisputable evidence that systems are working and compliant and enables accurate and rapid fault diagnosis, avoiding unnecessary site visits.

By connecting panels and devices with new cloud services, CLSS minimises unforeseen maintenance and other disruptions.

Minimise Disruption and Cut Downtime

It’s essential to regularly test and ensure your fire system is well maintained, but the time taken to do so can often disrupt business operations and impede productivity.

CLSS provides a suite of tools to allow your systems to be tested and serviced more efficiently than ever before, meaning less disruption and more information needed to mitigate life safety events.

Prove Compliance

With Honeywell CLSS from Amthal Fire and Security, compliance reports are available to you anytime, anywhere at the click of a button.

Amthal Fire & Security has been helping people, property and business operations across the UK stay safe since 2000.

We are proud to be a Honeywell Gent approved installer, making us part of the prestigious Gent 24 Network of Approved System Integrators. As a result, we work across the UK to tailor-make, design, install, commission, service and maintain Gent fire alarms and products to the highest standards of workmanship.

As an independent company, we also work closely with many other manufacturers and will tailor our product recommendations to suit all industries and sectors.

We recruit and retain specialist, qualified technicians, providing dedicated in-house and leading product manufacturer’s training to ensure we embrace the latest industry technology and maintain the skill levels necessary to meet our customer needs.

Contact Amthal today to find out how Honeywell’s CLSS could work for your building.