Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Protection

Emergency Lighting Systems

As stated in the fire safety technical guide and the current BS 5266: Part 8 2004 the owner or person who has control over the premises is responsible for a number of actions and tests in respect to the buildings emergency lighting system, to ensure compliance in securing the means of escape under the regulatory reform order 2005.

A responsible person is to be nominated by either the owner or persons who have responsibility over the premises to supervise the emergency lighting system to ensure that individual units are in an operational condition at all times.

The following monthly duties are required in addition to the routine annual maintenance

1. A log book is to be kept up to date detailing each periodic inspection and tests, brief details of any service inspection, brief details of any defects and remedial action taken, any alterations to the emergency lighting system

2. A short monthly test, using a fish tail key, or by safely isolating the power, must be carried out to ensure the batteries take over in all emergency light fittings

3. A full 3 hour discharge test must be carried out annually to ensure the batteries take over for the full 3 hour duration

Integrated Protection Maintenance Services Limited works closely with a number of property management companies, assisting the property managers by ensuring they are carrying out their legal requirements and that the emergency lighting systems fully comply with current legislation. Due to the amount of buildings any one property manager can look after, they generally don’t have the time to attend each block on a weekly bases to carry out the required tests; IPMSL can provide a cost effective solution. For a small fee, our engineers will attend each building on a monthly bases to carry out the emergency lighting test  and provide a report should any of the units fail.

We also offer a free power calculation survey on the lights installed within a building and provide a quotation for the replacement of standard lamps to energy saving LED lamps based on the survey findings. Replacing to LED fittings will not only save money on the energy bills but each fitting comes with a 3 year warranty which also saves money over time on labour of changing lamps.

We would always strongly recommend that a full fire risk assessment is carried out on all sites to ensure that the correct number of emergency lights are used and adequate safety signage has been installed

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