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Emergency Voice Communication System

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All businesses and building owners need to have stringent plans in place for if ever a fire – or another such emergency – breaks out.

Having an advanced Emergency Voice Communication System (EVCS) installed on your premises can make the difference between life and death.

They are designed to help the safe evacuation of everyone on site.

Find out more about the technology – and how Amthal can help you install it – below.

An EVCS is a fixed, secure, bi-directional, full-duplex voice communication system specifically designed to help disabled or mobility-impaired people to evacuate a building safely.

They provide two-way communication between the emergency services and anyone inside a building who needs to be evacuated but are unable to leave immediately.

There are many different designs of EVCS, but essentially they are made up of a central control point with various outstations dotted around the building in ‘refuge’ areas.

During the first phases of an evacuation, even before emergency services arrive on the scene, an EVCS can be used to communicate between people at the control point and those in refuge areas.

Typically, the fire and rescue service would then take control of an evacuation on arrival.

During a fire, the fire and rescue service would continue to use the EVCS to assist fire fighting. Anyone who cannot use an escape route would be able to identify their location and communicate with the control centre.

Disabled Refuge

A ‘Disabled Refuge’ area is where you would place an EVCS outstation.

They should be a relatively safe place where people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts may call for assistance.

It is recommended that they be positioned somewhere with little background noise. If that’s not possible, installing an acoustic hood or something similar around the outstation could help. For this same reason, it is also recommended that fire alarm sounders should not be located near outstations.

This allows building management and emergency services to safely help remove these people from the building when stairwell crowding has eased.

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