Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Protection

Fire Extinguishers – Installation & Servicing

Sufficient fire extinguishers should be installed in accordance with the regulatory reform order 2005

Fire fighting equipment can reduce the risk of a small fire, e.g. a fire in a waste paperbin, developing into a large one. The safe use of an appropriate fire extinguisher to control a fire in its early stages can also significantly reduce the risk to other people in the premises by allowing people to assist others who are at risk.

In simple premises, having one or two portable extinguishers of the appropriate type readily available for use, may be all that is necessary. In more complex premises a number of portable extinguishers may be required and they should be sited in suitable locations, e.g. on the escape routes at each floor level. It may also be necessary to indicate the location of extinguishers by suitable signs.

Integrated Protection Maintenance Services Limited trained engineers would carry out a full site survey and provide a quotation for the supply and fitting of the required amount of extinguishers.

We also offer full onsite training to the personnel who are nominated to use the extinguishers within the premises

As with all lifesaving equipment, it is a legal requirement to have an annual maintenance agreement in place to ensure the extinguisher are in perfect condition and operate when required; IPMSL can provide either a rolling yearly agreement or provide up to a 5 year forecast of the annual costs.

We would always strongly recommend that a full fire risk assessment is carried out on all sites to ensure that the correct number of fire extinguishers  are used and adequate safety signage has been installed

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