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Voice Alarms

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Voice Alarms are a fantastic tool to help keep buildings and their occupants safe.

They are an innovative alternative to traditional fire alarm systems, with research suggesting that humans are more likely to react to speech and ‘human instructions’.

A Voice Alarm system (which can also be known as a ‘Public Address Voice Alarm’ or ‘Voice Evacuation System’) can be used to quickly broadcast information during a fire, bomb alert or other emergencies.

With speakers set up around the building, clear instructions can be broadcast to occupants, allowing the safe evacuation process of people.

There are many benefits to having a voice alarm over a traditional fire alarm system.

Once professionally fitted, they can:

  • Provide clear, spoken instructions to building occupants during an emergency event.
  • Reduce the “It’s just a false alarm, let’s ignore it” concept (resulting in a high risk to life).
  • Help facilitate full control during the evacuation of a building

The primary purpose of voice alarms is to obviously provide staff and members of the public with clear information during emergency situations.

During times of ‘non-emergency’, however, these systems are commonly used in various ways, most commonly for public address (PA) purposes.

Most voice alarm systems that Amthal fits and monitors are scalable.

By that, we mean that they can be used for sectors and industries of various sizes, from one storey buildings to large structures such as exhibition halls.

For example, some of the organisations that could benefit from voice alarms include:

  • Leisure complexes
  • Schools
  • Shopping centres
  • Universities
  • Airports

Most voice alarm systems are made up of a central control system, microphones and speakers. They can be standalone or networked – linked together – to help maximise coverage.

Selecting, designing and commissioning a suitable voice alarm system can be complicated. Our expert engineers here at Amthal will be able to advise you on the best voice alarm system for your building.

Amthal Fire & Security has been helping people, property and business operations across the UK stay safe since 2000.

We are proud to be a Gent approved installer, making us part of the prestigious Gent 24 Network of Approved System Integrators. As a result, we work across the UK to tailor-make, design, install, commission, service and maintain Gent fire alarms and products to the highest standards of workmanship.

Not only can our engineers advise and install the perfect voice alarm system for your needs, but we also provide 24/7 maintenance to ensure

As an independent company, we also work closely with many other manufacturers and will tailor our product recommendations to suit all industries and sectors.

We recruit and retain specialist, qualified technicians, providing dedicated in-house and leading product manufacturer’s training to ensure we embrace the latest industry technology and maintain the skill levels necessary to meet our customer needs.

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