Fire Safety & Security Systems for Facilities Management Professionals


Fire safety and security are just two of a number of areas that today’s Facilities Manager needs to deliver.

Securing an entire building, often covering a large square footage, with multiple purposes and multiple occupancies, can bring a number of challenges, especially for Facilities Managers who find themselves increasingly stretched on time, resources and budget.

Fire protection poses a similar challenge, with a Facilities Manager responsible for constantly improving fire safety in line with new technology, legislation and best practices, with a duty of care to building users such as staff, occupants or visitors.

Our blog on UK fire alarm regulations will help give you an idea of what is required.

Not only do services need to be delivered and environments maintained consistently, but all work needs to be quantified, justified and optimised. By working with a trusted expert partner, you can be assured your fire and security considerations are covered.


A trusted partner for fire safety and security

IPMSL can work in partnership with Facilities Managers on fire and security considerations, but has also worked with businesses with no FM in post. In this way, IPMSL can act as an extension of your team, as a trusted partner to outsource the management of fire safety and security in your environment.

With multiple accreditations and certifications, the group demonstrates its commitment to offering products and services to the highest standards.


Working with IPMSL

To offer full security and fire safety of buildings, businesses, people and assets, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but instead, carefully designed, integrated systems can enhance functionality, effectiveness and present an ability to respond quickly.

IPMSL is committed to working in partnership with Facility Managers right from initial design stages, incorporating risk assessments to understand bespoke requirements and ensure the right planning, design and blending of fire and physical security to create a safe and secure environment.


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Working as a dedicated partner with Facility Managers to ensure the safety and security of all who work and operate in commercial premises.

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