Fire & Security Systems for the Public Sector


At the heart of any public sector project, and within each social enterprise scheme, is the need to create homes, public facilities and communities where occupants want to work and live. IPMSL aims to deliver this, working within the budget constraints that appear ever high on the agenda to bring value for money for the taxpayer.

A public sector building’s fire safety and security needs can be as diverse as its building’s use, whether it be in hospitals, schools, public sector offices, prisons, libraries, public sector housing, leisure centres or other public facilities. A bespoke fire safety or security system is the most efficient way to deliver effective safety and security at the best value, as it is fit for purpose by its very design.

Estates managers, asset managers and procurement officers in the public sector have to adhere to a broad range of standards and regulations, taken from different frameworks and strategies mandated by government, not to mention more general expectations, such as Secured By Design accreditation.

A key part of the public estates strategy focuses on collaboration, which means driving better performance and cost savings by working with experts in every relevant specialism.

IPMSL has the knowledge and experience to consult on your fire safety and security needs, also balancing compliance with comfort, creating warm and welcoming environments to a wide range of visitors. across a wide range of public sector buildings, helping you to rationalise decisions and prove efficiencies. IPMSL’s expertise is also demonstrated in the top-level certifications and accreditations we’ve achieved.

Also high on the government’s agenda regarding public body estates is modernisation and digitisation. By working with an innovative, dynamic business like Amthal, decision makers in the public sector can be assured that their fire safety and security solutions will incorporate the latest technologies that help to achieve ongoing efficiencies in building performance.

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