Commercial Security Systems & Intruder Solutions

Site & Door Access Control Systems

IPMSL access control and site management systems are designed to control access for employees, visitors and contractors to sites of various sizes in all situations.

Our systems employ numerous technologies such as swipe cards, proximity fobs, combined PIN entry keypads and high level biometric finger print and retina scanning devices, our systems are designed using both new and existing hardware systems, from various manufacturers to provide and ensure an effective solution for stand alone sites, or multiple sites across your property portfolio, all with the ability to be administered over remote links via the internet or using direct modem links.

Typically our access control systems consist of a central PC based control system, with the ability to monitor hundreds of doors with the capability to manage thousands of users based at multiple sites with networked door controllers located in the field connected to a dedicated or IP based Network. A typical system will incorporate proximity card readers to read proximity cards or tokens.

Typically this type of system could apply to schools, distribution centres, Healthcare establishments, offices, Data Centres and so on.

IPMSL offer systems from single stand alone doors solutions to systems capable of managing hundreds of doors, incorporating various related system such as integrating CCTV, Intruder detection and Intercom.

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