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Biometric access control offers a higher degree of security than other access credentials, such as key code input (which could be divulged), or keys and fobs (which are liable to be lost or stolen.) This is a sophisticated solution ideal for higher risk or higher value building areas, such as in banking, or high value retail.

Credentials in biometric access control include facial recognition, fingerprint scanning and iris pattern recognition. As biometric technology is integrated into more areas of daily life, for example, in airport security, and pricing becomes more accessible, it will increasingly become standard. The use of contactless biometrics are also expected to increase in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another benefit of biometric access control is in the instance you should need to remove access from one or more users, they can be removed from the system at the touch of a button and instantaneously, as opposed to the more complex process of having to reclaim fobs and keys or change locks.

As with other electronic access control systems, activities can be logged to create an audit trail of peoples’ movements within your building.

Work with Amthal on your biometric access control system

Amthal works with customers to install, maintain and support on biometric access control systems, working through our experienced and skilled service team. Our tailored solutions can include iris recognition scanners, fingerprint recognition and facial recognition, and can integrate with existing security systems.

We offer a free, no-obligation site visit complete with a comprehensive survey so that we have a full understanding of your security needs.

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