Commercial Security Systems & Intruder Solutions

Commercial Smart CCTV Systems

CCTV is an essential requirement for todays progressive businesses, it plays a part in reducing your security and mangement costs.

With a wide variety of management applications, CCTV can monitor production lines, follow lone workers, assist with health and safety, traffic mangement systems, and many more.

Where ever you are in the world you can keep an eye on your business around the clock, what ever your media, WAP or G3 phones, PDA, laptop as long as you can access the world wide web you have access to live or recorded audio and video images.

Whatever your requirements IPMSL will provide a bespoke survey and system design based on your business, delivered within your budget.

ANPR is becoming an important part of many integrated security solutions. As a sophisticated access control system ANPR systems can provide automatic real time tracking and reading of vehicle number plates offering benefits to many market sectors including:-

  • Logistic companies
  • Industrial plants
  • Car parks
  • Car hire companies
  • Councils
  • Town centres
  • Police
  • Garage forecourts

With ANPR you can automatically manage and control your employees, customers and suppliers access to your car parks, eliminating queues in front of barriers and gates, avoiding unauthorised parking, reducing crime and increasing safety which helps save time and money.

ANPR systems can import a management database, providing detailed and comprehensive reports showing attempted access and multiple alarm conditions which can automatically actioned. The system can be accessed by authorised users over a local or wide area network.

  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Matrix systems
  • Digital recording and Digital recording hybrid systems

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