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Remote video transmission, or visual verification security, uses instant images to assist in confirming whether a triggered alarm is genuine or false. The wireless video system is based on revolutionary technology that can connect to any existing alarm. Upon activation of a PIR, a video clip is sent to generate an urgent response for a genuine crime in progress and is able to discount costly and time-consuming false alarms.  

The rising cost of security guarding makes this an effective alternative solution for the protection of remote sites. Amthal can offer models that enable the tracking of people, vehicles or an object across a pre-set camera view to ensure even more added value and enhanced security. Remote video transmission can be set up for indoor or outdoor locations.

Remote video transmission can have broader benefits on an organisation’s security, and even on its wider systems, as visuals are stored in the cloud to enable complete independence from Wi-Fi or phone lines, negating any additional burden on networks. Accessible as and when required by authorised personnel.

Amthal’s visual verification solutions integrate with leading security video management software manufacturers, including Milestone, Genetec and AxxonSoft. 

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