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CCTV systems are a proven deterrent to intruders, but CCTV analytics offer an additional layer of intelligence to your security system, meaning your CCTV surveillance system is no longer just secure; it’s smart too.

Video analytics in CCTV systems are now available to a wider audience thanks to maturing technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning algorithms (algorithms which run data through a number of ‘features’ to build more understanding into unstructured data) and facial recognition. The video surveillance report 2020, produced by IFSEC, provides a thorough context of how CCTV analytics factors into the security market as of right now.

Video Content Analysis (VCA) can provide you with facial recognition or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), giving you critical pieces of additional information in the event of a break-in or incident, while also being quick and easy to retrieve from the system.

Video analytics can also provide live data points by detecting events through an algorithm, including items being removed, loitering or the flow of foot traffic. Integration with a wider security system can use this data to trigger other actions, such as remote audio messaging or a change in access control system settings.

Video analytics can also aid business intelligence. For example, in a retail or hospitality setting, smart video surveillance technology can be used for queue monitoring or customer behaviour analysis, and help in the effort to improve and streamline business operations.

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