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External Perimeter Security Control Systems

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External Perimeter security control systems and intruder detection is about securing the approach to a building – the outdoor area around a facility – which is just as important as the perimeter and the building itself, including its roof.

A wide range of outdoor detectors are available to cover any kind of scenario, including wide and narrow coverage, infra-red detectors featuring anti-vandalism features, automatic sensitivity adjustment and also leading-edge laser scan detectors that can analyse the size, distance and speed of a moving object.

For perimeter security – whether a physical or virtual perimeter – Amthal offers three types of detection technology. Laser scanners enable detection of approaching threats within the outer perimeter. Fiber Senses fibre optic detection systems can be installed directly on fences or walls or buried, and will identify any attempt to go through the perimeter line. Active beams as well as redscan used vertically will create an invisible line or wall protecting the physical or virtual perimeter line. 

Physically securing a building’s doors and windows – the most vulnerable entry points to any building – is seldom a barrier to determined criminals. Electronic security is a considerably more effective deterrent and will also prevent inevitable theft, vandalism, espionage or other consequences.

Amthal can provide highly effective options for detecting the presence of would-be intruders who have reached the walls of a building. We offer a range of our proven detection all specifically designed to protect doors and windows. Some feature pre-recorded warning messages to deter potential intruders. Additionally, laser scanning provides a complete wall of security for any building.

Early detection of threats on the roof can avoid forced access via vulnerable skylights and dropping down to upper-floor windows, as well as preventing damage to the roof itself. Amthal can provide total protection for roof areas with high technology edge laser scan detectors, which not only has the sensitivity to detect moving objects, but also provides complete analysis of those objects to determine the nature of the threat and minimise false alarms.

Amthal works with you to visit your site for a free, no-obligation assessment of your external security needs, so that we can design the right mix of solutions for your needs.

Our technical team also considers how external detection solutions can integrate with the broader business security system to enhance efficacy. For example, outdoor detectors can be integrated with CCTV operations by triggering an alert on fixed or PTZ cameras.

We will then design, install and manage the system from end-to-end, so that you can have peace of mind that your external detection solutions are a robust first step in your site-wide security protocols.

To see how Amthal can support with external detection measures, get in touch using the form below, by phone free on 0800 093 7818 or email.