Fire Alarm and Security System Design


IPMSL provides a bespoke design service for fire safety system or security systems.

Whether you need CCTV, access control, intruder detection or fire safety – or a solution which integrates two or more of these – we work with you to design a system that specifically meets your fire and security needs, within your allocated budget.

We hold multiple accreditations and certifications, demonstrating our commitment to delivering outstanding projects and customer service. Accolades include UKAS accreditation, authorised by Government, providing the ultimate assessment of competence and performance.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment may not look the same from one project to the next. Each building or site will have its own requirements, and our expert team has the training and experience to create a system that will work exactly as you need it to, so that your fire safety and security integrates seamlessly into day-to-day working or living.

Some of the most common complexities or considerations we come across are:

  • Multiple-locations – in retail or property management, those responsible for maintaining buildings often have to manage fire and security systems across multiple locations. We can design a system that makes that task easier
  • Specific security concerns – you may have additional security concerns, such as garages or outbuildings in residential settings, or outbuildings in a school environment
  • Tight on budget but need to prove efficacy – many projects, particularly those within the public sector or run by facilities management, have to deliver a highly efficient system within a specific budget. We have the experience to create a system tailored to your need and your budget restrictions
  • Design aesthetic – some buildings need a system that will be sensitive to a particular design aesthetic, for example a stylish and contemporary hospitality setting, or a heritage building with a particular architectural style, such as older school buildings
  • Balance – many project owners are not only concerned with investing in a system that covers fire safety and security, but also with finding one that is unobtrusive. For example, a hotel needs to be able to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere while keeping it safe and secure, while a school needs to maintain a welcoming environment that is conducive to learning

When you’re deciding whether you’d like to work with us, we provide a free, no-obligation site survey or home visit. We’ll talk to you to get a real sense of your fire safety and security requirements, as well as any other considerations you have for creating the best bespoke fire and security system for your needs.
Whether you’re focused on budget, aesthetics, efficiencies, balance or all of the above, our expert team has a deep understanding of guidelines and legislation from across a broad range of sectors and can guide you in meeting your obligations.

We can also install, maintain and monitor your system, as well as offering other services.

To see how Amthal Fire & Security can support with fire safety and security system design services, get in touch  01675 430005, complete our contact form, or email us.