Keyholding Service and Alarm Response


IMPSL presents a dedicated keyholding and alarm response service to offer you total peace of mind that your home or business is always safe and secure.

A keyholding and alarm response service gives you the support of our trusted partner acting as a primary or secondary keyholder, meaning that you know a copy of your key is safe and secure and available to you, whether needed for an out-of-hours call, or in the event that a primary key gets lost or stolen.

The service can provide attendance at your premises if there is an intrusion, providing rapid response on a 24 / 7 / 365 basis. This mitigates danger to either you or your staff, as well as the associated liabilities. There’s also the added benefit that this can help to meet the terms of your insurance policy, if it includes avoiding clause around reasonable system downtime.

If it’s concluded that a call out was a false alarm, a system reset can be performed, and your premises will be re-secured. In the case of a genuine incident, emergency response will be instigated, and the building will be re-secured, working with pre-agreed processes on who needs to be notified and what other processes need to be put into action.

We will work with you and our trusted partner to understand your keyholding and alarm response needs, including policies and procedures to be followed in the event of a break-in. With the service in place, you can rest-assured that your property is secured and any incidents will be dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Keys are kept in accordance with best practice guidelines, so that you can be confident of their safety.

To see how Amthal Fire & Security can assist with a keyholding service or alarm response services, get in touch on 01645 430005, complete our contact form, or email.