Leasing Solutions

Leasing your Fire & Security Equipment

We are extremely pleased to be able to bring you the opportunity to lease your new fire and security equipment from IPMSL. Aiding cashflow and ensuring your equipment is always up to date our leasing packages are a superb option.

  • Significant Tax Benefits: Rentals are 100% allowable against Corporation Tax.
  • Totally Flexible: You decide the rental term, payment frequency and deposit. You can even settle early or upgrade before the end of the agreement.
  • Pay while you use it: Pay for the equipment as you use it, as opposed to all upfront.
  • Preserve Cash Flow: Keep your cash in the business to spend on items with higher returns.
  • Making Budgeting Easier: Fixed repayments over the rental period makes budgeting and planning easier
  • Preserve Existing Lines of Credit: Your existing credit lines remain unaffected

Like everything, when you move your fire and security protection to Amthal we also make the process as simple as possible for you using our simple, proven, leasing process.

1)  IPMSL provide quotation for total capital amount

2)  IPMSL arrange a free no obligation leasing quote

3)  Credit acceptance is looked to be obtained within 24 hrs

4)  Rental agreement is provided for completion and return

5)  The order is placed and installation completed

6)  You confirm installation, only then do rentals start

To discuss leasing with our team get in touch today using our contact form below, by phone free on 01675 430005, complete a contact form, or email.